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Get the most from your home

Your Home Extension & Remodel designed with you in mind

The possibilities are endless


When you have lots of conflicting ideas, it doesn’t give you validation on whether they will work.

It leads to confusion so projects never move forward.

You deserve to fully explore all your options so you can make the best informed decisions.

You’re going through a lot of potential ideas on what you could do with your home, which only sends you round in endless circles. However, as life is rapidly evolving, you need to plan for your future and find the best solution for your home.

I work with you, through a process designed to give you clarity, confidence and a clear direction towards a successful project. We begin by setting your project on solid foundations, so anything that builds on top will create stability.

Work with an Architect & Spatial Designer to unlock your property’s potential and maximise the space, using my Inside Out Design Method™

  • Gain clarity on the direction of your project

  • Save time & money

  • Invest wisely

  • Make informed decisions

  • Have a functioning home

How to get started on your home extension and remodel project

Don't wait another day until you can enjoy your newly designed home

Step 1

Let's Connect

You are ready and excited to discuss the possibility of working together on your project. Schedule your Next Steps call for us to have the opportunity to understand your project and whether we would be a good fit to work together.

Book a free Next Steps Call

Step 2

Clarity Session

During this paid session, we'll dive deeper into the essence of your project by taking the opportunity to look closely at your project, your site, discuss ideas and define your project roadmap. We clarify how we will work together and plan to move towards your project launch.

Step 3

Project Launch

The most exciting part of the project is this stage. By using my Inside Out Design Method™, we get a deeper understanding of your requirements and aspirations as we establish a design most suited for you. Your project roadmap will help you navigate as we move through your project stages so that it takes the right steps towards a successful project.

Design Services


Home Extension


Loft Conversion


Garage Conversion

remodel (2).png

Internal Reconfiguration/ Remodel



interior design 1.png

Interior Design

space planning.png

Space Planning


Planning Applications

Like you, I believe in mitigating risks by making good decisions. Give yourself peace of mind


"There were many challenges with our space but the main one has been the size of the room as each available space has been very compact. Dee used her expertise of designing spaces to help us include everything we wanted to fit in the room so that it has become a great master suite."


"Working with Dee on this project was a fantastic decision for us. By following a methodical and structured approach I feel that we have balanced a number of key areas – utility of the space, the cost and the design elements to give it the wow factor."


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