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Space planning essentials for your home extension and remodel project

Space planning is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle; taking all the pieces and seeing how they fit together. Although, there are some key differences between a puzzle and planning a space;

  • A space plan can have multiple ways of fitting the pieces together

  • It requires understanding of ergonomics in how the spaces function

  • Having ideas that carry vision for the final big picture

The way the elements are pieced together, has a significant impact on how we live, feel and experience the space. The environment around us plays a major role in our well being, lifestyle and emotions.

When it comes to deciding on the layout of our homes, its important to consider what we need/want from the space and how we want to feel. For instance, in my house we have a separate living room which is a grown up space, that's designed for us to relax in without the children. It's intentional for there not to be a TV as its purpose is to provide a space to chill and unwind in after a long day.

When it comes to considering the space in your home, the first thing to get clear on is, what is its purpose. Once you have clarity on this, then you can begin thinking about the various elements for the space and how they best fit together.

There's an art and science to how a space is planned out with key considerations to the practicality of how people move through space and what they are feeling. An understanding of what sizes things need to be and where/how to position them is essential to having a space that is comfortable to use.

It is essential to visualise how the space will work. Many people can't visualise the space but there are plenty of experts and apps around to help you achieve this. Having a clear picture in your mind about how the space will work and what's the best solution for the design of your home will build a vision for your project.

Getting clear on what you want out of the space in your home and what's possible & practical will help define the goal for your project.

If you're feeling stuck on where to start with planning the layout for home extension and/or remodel project then I'd love to help you. Contact me by either sending me a message or booking a call.


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