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Putting your stamp on a home extension and remodel

Being an architect and part of some amazing projects means I get to witness incredible home transformations. I absolutely love working with clients who encapsulate the design process and become my source of inspiration. After all, their house will become their home. That’s what happened when I worked with these clients.

I worked with a couple who were in the process of buying a house so they could begin their new chapter; starting a family. Some of the deciding factors when buying their house was to make it their own and for the house to be adaptable as their family grows. This presented them the opportunity to extend and remodel the house so they could create a long-term home that suited them, their lifestyle and created an environment to bring up their children.

My clients reached out to me, when they first decided to make this shift and buy a house that would serve its purpose of raising a family. While the capital wasn’t fully available to allow them to complete the full extent of what they were hoping for, we still worked together to create the entire vision.

When they bought the house, there were ad-hoc extensions which had been added over time without much consideration. The worse was the addition of a downstairs WC located off the dining area. All these extensions had caused a disconnect in the flow of the house and the various spaces were in impractical locations. It also didn’t allow the natural light to flow through the house, causing lots of darker areas.

This project presented the perfect opportunity for my clients to remodel this house so they could grow into it as their family grew. After undergoing a deep dive into their requirements at the initial consultation, the design process began. We worked closely together to ensure the right design of the entire house was selected. By working this way, we could ensure that any elements i.e. structure was in place initially so future work can be completed without extensive chaos. It also meant that my clients could fully explore ideas to ensure they were making the right decisions at the beginning. This limited any costly mistakes occurring at later stages.

During the first phase, we designed for the immediate need; the ground floor. The layout as they bought the house was ad-hoc and impractical as well as unappealing. My clients wanted an open plan living but not too open plan as at the time they had a lot of visitors staying overnight so doubling up rooms where guests could sleep was important. It also would give their future family their own areas too.

The garage was converted and a rear extension squared off the back. A utility and WC in an appropriate location was needed. The converted garage became its own room with a future to provide a playroom that could be shut away from overflowing toys. The kitchen and dining area became the heart of the home, where the family and guests could spend time together. The front living room had a dual purpose to be either closed off or opened up to the kitchen/diner.

During this design phase we also worked on creating an initial design idea for a new master suite for above the garage. This was very conceptual at the time but it gave my clients a good idea that it was possible to achieve a master bedroom. It allowed them to plan for a future date to complete this part of their project.

5 years on from completing the first phase of their home transformation project; with 2 kids and finances to support, we worked together to complete the final part of this beautiful home extension and remodel transformation, the master suite.

My clients wanted to create a master suite that had the “wow factor”. They were presented with 2 design options; 1 expected design & 1 (what I like to call) the wild card option. No doubt, my clients quickly took to the wild card design option as it gave them a unique design as well as ticking off their requirements.

Outside the front of the house is a spectacular view of the hills which also presents beautiful sunset views. My clients wanted to ensure they could enjoy this view from their bed. As with most master suites, a walk-in wardrobe with plenty of storage and an ensuite with a large shower were also part of the brief.

The interior design of the master suite was based on a painting which became the focal point in the bedroom. Although the walk-in wardrobe and ensuite are separate zones, the painting brought the design of the entire suite together. Feature tiles were used in the bathroom and colour inspiration for the finishes were drawn from the painting.

In this long narrow and compact space, a design to meet all their requirements was achieved. The master suite is an unexpected design which will become an appealing factor when the house comes on the market in the future. In the meantime, once the children have gone to sleep, my clients can enjoy a retreat designed for them.

As part of the final phase, the clients wanted the exterior of the house to have kerb appeal and fit a more contemporary design. The existing cladding, exposed yellow brick and white framed windows were trending in a past. For a more contemporary look, my clients upgraded the windows to anthracite and rendered the brickwork. A touch of soft colour splashes the cladding and front door. These upgrades have freshened the front elevation and given the house a modern look.

The entire home extension and remodel has transformed the house that was once dated and ad-hoc. It is now a beautiful home where the family can grow and enjoy making memories together. The flow through the house works comfortably for a family today. There is plenty of natural light and storage to make the space function well.

Overall, my clients bought the house wanting to create a home that suited them, their lifestyle and a growing family. They knew what they wanted but didn’t have the vision to achieve it. By working together, we created their vision and built a home.

Imagine coming home up your driveway and seeing your dream home that you created, how would it feel?


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