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"I want a 6m extension to the back of my house and the builder said I need drawings"

There is so much to unpack here but I'll keep it to a couple of key points.

The size of extension should be determined by the way you're going to be using it.

A project I worked on; a 6m extension was proposed to ensure the space inside was going to work. However, the planning officer was encouraging 4m, mainly due to challenges from the neighbours. When going back to the drawing board to see if 4m would work instead, it was clear that they weren't going to achieve the space to live as they wanted.

Using my expertise and experience as an Architect and Spatial Designer, I was able to bring to the attention of the planning officer that the original design addressed concerns raised by neighbours, and the space wasn't going to work internally for the family.

A key part of investing in an extension is that you're looking for more space. The way that space functions is dependent on many factors, most of which will be beyond what you think.

I've helped my clients work through this important aspect of their project so they achieve the space they need for their growing family.

‘Drawings' for a project are a tool and set of intentions and instructions. That is why a good builder will ask for them.

However, before putting any pen to paper, we must know what we are drawing. It's not just a pretty picture of a house. There are layers and depths to uncover with the space and design before concluding on the drawing.

If you're planning a home extension and remodel project and feeling confused about what and where you should extend and you want to create more space for your growing family then send me a message today. I will help you discover how you can easily eliminate the confusion to gain clarity about how you can achieve the space you need.


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