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How to make your budget stretch on a home extension, remodel and new development project

When it comes to your home projects, wouldn't it be great to make your budget go as far as possible?

In my experience when it comes to designing and developing properties; to optimise your budget, you need to be investing in the right places. Making smart investment decisions for your project will get you the best results.

There's a key process to follow for any home extension and remodel project, that will give you a better outcome and a much more enjoyable experience.

It isn't uncommon for many looking to extend and remodel their home, to start at the point of construction, i.e calling the builder. There are a few factors to consider when taking this approach:

  • The builder needs to know what he or she is going to build.

  • Without having any proper plans and specific information, how can the builder give an accurate quote? The quote will be made with many assumptions in mind.

  • They could give you a rough estimate based on what you have told them. You will need to allow for a fair amount of contingency in your budget, when things uncover and/or change as the project progresses.

  • Without plans in place, you expose yourself to misinterpretation and miscommunication. This can only lead to a home that isn't fully functioning to your needs.

By not having any plans or specifics worked out you expose yourself to needing higher contingencies and perhaps end up with the wrong design for your home. Would your investment be worth it?

Collating ideas for the design of your home early in the project would provide better communication all-round. There are many design solutions for your home and whilst it's great to have or hear ideas from others, bringing them together is not an easy task. Too many ideas can be conflicting and confusing. It only causes overwhelm, confusion and doesn't allow the project to progress from the start line.

Investing in professional help will move the needle in your project. You can get advice and designs tailored to your project needs. By having the designs physically mapped out means you have given yourself the best opportunity to consider and create a home that truly works for you, your budget and can be used to communicate exactly what you want.

Your budget must account for all parts of your project. This includes professionals you may need. To get the best results for your project, investing in the right help throughout is key. If you are looking at cutting costs and taking shortcuts from the onset, you are likely to overspend on your overall project. There are far too many construction horror stories out there and the majority of which comes down to decision making.

"Slow and steady wins the race"

Home extension and remodel projects are complex. Failing to take the time to understand the best process and professionals you need, exposes you to costly mistakes. This is where your budget isn't able to go as far as possible because it will be pouring into fixing mistakes.

Would investing in your project still be worth it?

Get clear on the best approach and process for your home extension and remodel project by sending me a message today. I can help you, using my expertise and experience, with ways you can make your budget go further.


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