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How can a Designer save you money?

During the Covid lockdown, I helped my clients design an extension for their master suite. Due to the restrictions at the time, the entire project was carried out remotely.

It was important for my clients to have a 'WOW' factor design. In a long narrow space above their converted garage, the design needed to included a king size bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite with a spacious shower.

The views from the front of the property were important to capture as they wanted to see the hills when they woke up in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

Maximum storage was a high priority so that the walk-in-wardrobe wasn't cluttered with an overspill of clothes heaped on the floor.

A dressing table needed to include considered storage so my client had a space to get ready for her day.

There were high demands for this small narrow spaced project. However, I helped my clients achieve the WOW factor design they were looking for.

The biggest breakthrough for them was the considerable savings I helped them achieve on an aspect of their design.

Prior to working with me, they had been quoted more than double for fitted wardrobes. By working with a designer, like myself, they ended up with wardrobes and a matching dressing table uniquely designed with far more storage space than they would have otherwise, all for half the amount they had been quoted. Saving them thousands on one aspect of their project.

Investing to work with a designer, like myself, can help you creatively optimise your budget so that you have a home uniquely designed for you and your family. The support of professional design services can allow for exploring ways in which your budget could be stretched, in multiple areas of the project, thus optimising ROI.

What's going to be the best way for you to achieve the home you desire for you and your family? What do you want out of your home project? How will your budget work for you to achieve what you want?

If you'd like my professional help on your project so that you can creatively work with your budget to optimise the space in your home, then, contact me today by either sending me a message or booking a call.


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