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Drawings for your Home Extension & Remodel projects

Drawings provide a powerful insight into what your home could look like. It's a chance to test ideas and options on paper. This would be far more cost effective than testing ideas for your home while constructing it.

Yet many people undertake projects without investing in exploring what their home could potentially be on paper. This exposes them to making costly mistakes and causing a whole lot of unnecessary stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

A set of drawings are like hymn sheets; it allows everyone involved in the project to sing in harmony. It's a set of intentions and instructions in creating a home designed for you and your lifestyle. As you will be the one to live in this space everyday, ensuring you have everything as you need, would allow you to live comfortably and happily in your extended and remodelled home.

There are also varying types of drawings and information required for the different stages of your project. Drawings for a planning application are simpler drawings so the local authority can decide whether to permit your proposal. These drawings provide information with regards to what the property would look like, how much is being proposed for development and the impact it would have on its surroundings.

The technical drawings are developed once the local authority has approved a proposal. The scheme is developed to provide technical details that helps everyone understand what is to be built, how it'll be built and where everything should be placed. Essentially it's a manual for the construction team.

So where can you go to get the right help for the drawings you need?

There are a few options to obtaining a set of drawings and these are dependent on what exactly you are looking for.

📌 If you know exactly what you want and know that's the best solution for your project, then you can hire a draftsperson to draw up a set of plans. This would be your cheapest option. This also means you would have very clear knowledge of what's required to complete your project and the associated legal obligations.

📌 If you have a fair idea of what you want and would like to guide the plans with general technical input, then you most likely can achieve the results you're looking for by hiring someone like an architectural technician.

📌 If you have too many ideas, no ideas, are confused about what you can and can't do, what you should do or what is the best option for your needs and budget, then you need an architect to help you. By working with the right architect for your project, they will help you by understanding your needs, your home and what's possible. All this information as well as their technical knowledge will assist to inform what should go onto the paper.

The drawings are ONE part of what you will need for your project. This is often seen as the starting point. However, to draw a set of plans, we must understand the project first.

It's important to remember that drawings are an outcome.

A successful set of drawings are achieved by careful research, planning and knowledge. Every architect, designer and technician works differently.

When it comes to your home extension and remodel project, I can help you, using my experience and expertise as an Architect & Spatial Designer. To find the best option for you, your project and your budget, , contact me today by either sending me a message or booking a call.


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