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A home that connects and functions

Connection has a key role in the design of your home.

When planning a home extension and remodel project, it's the perfect time to ensure connection is considered in the design of the new spaces.

If this isn't executed well then it'll create a disjointed home which will influence the value of your home. As awkward spaces don't create an ease of flow, connection and lack natural light, it will impact how you feel in that space. So getting the layout of your home to connect well for you is an important part of the design process when extending and remodelling your home.

Having a home that's light, airy and gives the right amount of space your family needs is an important balance to achieve.

Spaces that connect

When you can move and walk around your home easily it’s a positive sign that the spaces are connected in a functional way. This creates ease of flow and helps you live in your home in a way that makes sense because it works for your daily needs.

Without this, the flow in your home feels awkward and disjointed, it makes the space harder to move around and live in. Usually this happens when the layout isn’t making the best use of space and results in wasted or dead spaces.

Even a shift in the orientation and positioning of the space can alter the way it’s used. Ultimately this will create the right balance and harmony of the space so that it’s effortless and easy to move through.

The layout is an important aspect to creating an ease of flow and connection in a home.

How the home connects with its surrounding environment

Openings such as windows and glass doors gives a home a chance to connect with its surroundings. There's a harmony and balance between how the interior space connects with views out and when natural light enters in.

Having intentional openings towards views like a garden, fields, lakes, etc is the perfect way to enjoy the surroundings and connect with nature. This connection could be with a gorgeous landscaped garden and seeing the plants change over the seasons. It could also be an elevated connection with the sky; as it turns from day to night, night to day and over the year as the seasons change and the height of the sun brings in different types of natural light. This influences how spaces feel and has a direct impact on our well being.

Human connection

A home provides people a space to connect in, with those you live with and guests who visit your home.

A home becomes a place where you connect as a family. Having the right spaces for your family's needs allows you to create an environment where you can connect with each other as well as have your individual spaces.

A kitchen island is a prime hub in a home which allows people a space to connect, by gathering around, preparing food together, eating at, having a cuppa & catch up, etc. It's a central, flexible place with multiple uses.

As an Architect and Spatial Designer, my experience and expertise in architecture and space planning means I can help you, using my technical knowledge to design the spaces in your home so they are utilised in the best way, function-well and creates an environment for your growing family in a way that's uplifting and gives you the space you need.

If you're feeling like the spaces in your home are awkward, disjointed and underutilised and you want a home designed to allow your family to come together, spend time connecting with each other so you can enjoy making memories over the years together.

Send me a message to learn how your home extension and/or remodel project can make the best use of space so that it flows well, increases the value of your home and gives your family a home to grow into.


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