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8 ways to cope through your home extension and remodel project

Sign up below to discover 8 ways (you can implement now) to a less stressful and more successful home extension and remodel project.

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  • Learn ways to bring more ease when undertaking a home renovation project

  • Discover how to cope through stressful parts of your project

  • Get the tools to help you gain more confidence and clarity with your project

  • Learn the mindset that will carry you through your project without overwhelm.

  • Discover how to stay motivated when you want to give up.

  • Learn simple steps to go from stuck, overwhelmed and nervous to feeling confident, empowered, excited and ready to move your project forward so you can create a home you'll love.

Dee Gosrani is an ARB registered Architect and Spatial Designer, specialising in designing homes that will optimise the use of space whilst considering style and futureproofing, so it’ll save you on future costs. She uses her 15 years of experience to help growing families unlock the potential of their home to create better connection, flow of natural light and suitable storage solutions, when extending and remodelling. 


She is also a wife and mum to two sons. With a young family, she understands how our homes should be designed with a growing family in mind. 


Dee has been in your shoes; she has personally extended and remodelled multiple homes extensively for her own family. This allows her to pass on first hand experiences, knowledge and professional expertise to help her clients achieve their dream home. Many of her clients have added substantial value to their homes which has a positive impact on their future. 


Having undertaken home projects in a professional and personal capacity, she understands it's not an easy road when taking on a home extension and remodel project. The significant amount of commitment required will impact your daily life. It can be overwhelming and daunting to think about a construction project, alongside life, but Dee uses her vast expertise to support her clients and ease the stress so they can create a beautiful home for their growing family.


Dee xx


"There were many challenges with our space but the main one has been the size of the room as each available space has been very compact. Dee used her expertise of designing spaces to help us include everything we wanted to fit in the room so that it has become a great master suite."


"Working with Dee on this project was a fantastic decision for us. By following a methodical and structured approach I feel that we have balanced a number of key areas – utility of the space, the cost and the design elements to give it the wow factor."


“Thank you for the session last week, it did indeed provide clarity for our project and we felt you understood what it is that we need going forward.”


“We found the meeting very beneficial. Another pair of eyes and ideas have really helped - and has made David rethink his ideas!“


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